Tools and Information 
Useful for CD-R Creation, Burning and Technical Research

Free Win Zip Version
Acrobat Reader
Adobe Acrobat Reader - Free!
SuperClip- Download
ScreenCapture Software
Screen Capture Software
Download Free VuePrint

This software  is designed to extract the full content of a CD-ROM and store it as an image file. It can also dump images from CD discs that utilize unreadable sectors as a means for copy protections. It can read the TOC and supports several languages. See the web site and scroll downward.

CDR Recording Tools

CDR Diag.
CD-R Diagnostic Software

Enterprise Corporation International - see Disc Inspector

CDR Identifier
CDs little tool lets you read the ATIP (Absolute Time in Pre-Groove) of CD-R media with most of the current CDR recorders.This information tells the real manufacturer and type of dye used for this mediaR Identifier

Feurio!® Shareware.
Feurio!® contains an "audio grabbing" (digital extraction of audio-data from an audio-cd) program, a CD-database (including CDDB-support), a CD- and wave-player, a sample wave-editor and  a CD-burning program. Feurio!® is Shareware.  You can test it as long as you like!

50+ CD ROM Drivers! for Download!
74 Minute CD-R Manufacturers and Their Specifications
80 Minute CD-R Manufacturers and Their Specifications
Found!:Easy CD-DA Extractor v4.30 Make great-sounding direct digital copies from audio compact discs with CD-DA Extractor. See Link and Enter "CD-DA Extractor" on the search line - the program is in there!
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