ShuttlePlex Analyzer Tools

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                            Mediatechnics Systems Inc. Sales and Services

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               The ShutlePlex Analyzer is in beta testing.  These materials are for the use of beta sites only and there is no guarantee regarding their use for any other user than those arranged with beta site customers directly with Mediatechnics or Optical Disc Technologies in specific written authorizations and correspondence.

                Should you be a duplicator or manufacturer interested in being a beta site and purchasing the ShuttlePlex Analyzer for that purpose please contact Mediatechnics at Mediatechnics Systems Inc., Sales and Services, 270 Hanford Street, Unit C, Sutter Creek, CA 95685, Ph: 209-267-1567 Fax: 209-267-1907 or write Optical Disc Technologies at the above e-mail address. You may also contact the Webmaster at


                 ShuttlePlex Analyzer Tools

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